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The Benefits Of Hauling With A Gooseneck Hitch

When it comes to attaching trailers, you have multiple options available. The bumper hitch is fairly standard but today, more and more companies that tow are choosing to switch to gooseneck hitches. Here's how this particular type of hitch can create a better experience for you while moving your trailer or tow down the road:

It's Potentially Safer

Gooseneck hitches are typically installed over the vehicle's rear axle. This placement allows any pressure to be sent directly towards the ground. Contrast this with a bumper hitch where there can often be much more pressure placed on the tow vehicle when something goes wrong. You might have more difficulty recovering from a swerve and bumper hitches also have a reputation for being bad on windy roads. Switch to a gooseneck hitch for your trailer and you and your cargo will be safer as you travel down the highway.

Easier to Make Adjustments

Simply put, it's easier to make precise movements with your trailer when you have a gooseneck hitch installed. If you've ever tried to make a three-way turn with a bumper hitch and ran into trouble, you'll likely find that the gooseneck option is much more preferable. The next time you get lost and need to turn around, you'll be grateful for the increased maneuverability that a gooseneck hitch can provide. Gooseneck trailers also offer better overall weight distribution and this can also make it a bit easier to move your trailer back and forth as you navigate through side streets.

Using a Gooseneck Hitch and Trailer Can Help Protect Your Property

Have you run into issues in the past where your trucking company was the target of theft? Perhaps someone showed up overnight or while your driver was away and hooked a trailer up to their own tow vehicle before taking off. Tow vehicles capable of using a bumper hitch trailer are fairly common, but gooseneck trailers are much less so. The next time a thief targets you, they'll pull up with a bumper hitch next to a gooseneck trailer and quickly realize that they can't hook it up properly. They'll move on to seek out trouble elsewhere and your own inventory will still be in your possession.

If you are looking to upgrade your company's hauling game, perhaps it's time to switch to gooseneck hitches and trailers. A gooseneck hitch is arguably safer while out on the road and will make it easier to maneuver your trailer. Contact a provider today for more details.