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3 Reasons To Consider A Shell For A Work Truck

Shells are a typical upgrade for many truck models, but are they purely a personal accessory, or do they make sense on work vehicles? If you've ever looked over the trucks in a contractor's fleet, then you know that shells are a practical and functional upgrade. Of course, that doesn't mean that it's easy to determine if they're suitable for your business.

Deciding whether to install truck shells on one or more vehicles in your fleet ultimately depends on your needs and the needs of your employees, but there are a few factors worth considering. Below you'll find three reasons that many business owners choose to install truck shells on their fleet.

1. Integrated Storage and Organization

Many aluminum shells include integrated tool storage or racks along the sides or interior. If you're used to the tedious and costly process of outfitting your trucks with toolboxes, then a topper may simplify your life. While you'll give up a little flexibility by not purchasing toolboxes individually, it'll make maintaining consistency across vehicles in your fleet much more straightforward.

Some toppers also provide modular storage options, which can help you find that you need to customize your trucks. These modular systems can offer a similar level of flexibility to sideboxes or bed-mounted toolboxes.

2. Full Bed Weatherproofing

Toolboxes can provide weatherproofing for essential tools, but they do nothing to help protect materials stored in the bed. If you frequently transport materials vulnerable to rain or leave items in your truck beds overnight, then a shell can provide weatherproofing for the whole bed. This feature can be handy for bulk materials such as wood that are difficult to work with when wet.

Weatherproofing your whole bed is also helpful when you need to transport vulnerable tools or equipment that are too large to fit into standard toolboxes. Keeping these items in a covered bed can help reduce clutter in your truck's cabs, allowing your employees to work more quickly and efficiently.

3. Improved Security

Transporting expensive power tools or even valuable materials on-site can be nerve-racking, especially if your crews typically leave their trucks unattended for prolonged periods. Lockable truck shells help to protect vulnerable equipment from theft. Not only do these shells keep thieves out, but choosing a windowless topper also keeps your valuable gear safely out of sight.

Adding shells to your fleet trucks represents a significant investment, but it can pay off over time. By providing your employees with a cleaner, safe, and more organized truck bed, you'll allow them to get their jobs done faster and with fewer potential interruptions.