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Why Weight Is Important When Shipping Your Vehicle

Are you moving across the country, but don't want to make the drive? Maybe you have more than one vehicle, and can't drive both. If so, you can hire an auto transport service to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to your destination. This can make the logistics of traveling across the country much easier for you, but it's more complicated than you think. Here is how weight plays into shipping a vehicle on an auto transport truck.

Weight Considerations When Placing Vehicles

When the truck arrives at your home to pick up your vehicle, you may be wondering how it works to fit so many vehicles on a single truck. They don't just drive your vehicle onto the first available spot on the truck, because it takes a lot of experience to figure out where it will go. 

The weight on each axle needs to be balanced so that the truck can maneuver properly when on the road. Too much weight on one end will make the auto transport vehicle difficult to control. This is why it is normal for the cars to be shuffled around so that the back end isn't loaded up with SUVs, and the front end with light compact cars. This would not make it safe to drive the auto transport vehicle on the road. 

This is important to know, because some people have a preference as to where their car is located on the truck. They may want their vehicle located higher up so that they do not have fluids from another vehicle leaking onto their car. Be aware that there are some logistics to how cars are put on the truck, and the car owner may not have any control over it based on what is best for safety reasons. 

Weight Considerations When Preparing Vehicles

Your vehicle transport service may have some requirements for you prior to taking your car, so it is important that you follow all directions. It is common to request that you have a minimal amount of fuel in the vehicle, with no more than a quarter of a tank of gas. This cuts down on the total weight of the vehicle, since all the gasoline in the gas tanks can add up quickly.

They'll also ask you to limit what items are in your vehicle to cut down on weight. Many people think that they can load up their vehicle with belongings to avoid having to ship them, but this may not be allowed. It's possible that you will be charged more due to your vehicle being heavier if it is jam packed with belongings.

For more information on weight requirements and consideration when shipping your car, consult a vehicle transport service.