The Benefits Of Hauling With A Gooseneck Hitch

When it comes to attaching trailers, you have multiple options available. The bumper hitch is fairly standard but today, more and more companies that tow are choosing to switch to gooseneck hitches. Here's how this particular type of hitch can create a better experience for you while moving your trailer or tow down the road: It's Potentially Safer Gooseneck hitches are typically installed over the vehicle's rear axle. This placement allows any pressure to be sent directly towards the ground. [Read More]

Start Your Own Business With A Used Commercial Truck

When you want to start your own trucking company, you have to start somewhere. While you might have dreams of owning a fleet of commercial trucks one day, purchasing your first commercial truck is a big deal. You can find used semi trucks for sale that will meet your trucking needs at this time and save you money in the process. Once you have a CDL license and the drive to start your own trucking business, it is possible when you apply for trucking authority through the Department of Transportation, get the insurance you need, and invest in a quality semi truck that can be used for hauling purposes. [Read More]